Fire Alarm Systems
The Systems Group installs and services fire alarm systems by most manufacturers. 

From simple systems with only a few devices — to large networks with thousands of intelligent devices, The Systems Group has cost effective solutions for every situation.

Even if you have fire systems from several different suppliers, you need only one maintenance company — The Systems Group.

Fire alarm monitoring by our dedicated network of UL-approved alarm receiving centers ensures rapid response to any alarm activation.

  Remote Annunciators
Remote annunciators provide remote access to your fire alarm system and are designed to look and operate exactly the same as the annunciator built into the fire alarm control panel.   We offer remote annunciators in gray to match virtually any decor and red for applications where the annunciator must stand out. The annunciator enclosure can be surface or flush-mounted.
  Voice Evacuation Systems
Each voice evacuation system has a built in Digital Message Repeater, power supply, a supervised microphone, and two alarm inputs. The audio messages are field programmable via the built in microphone, through the line level input, or by downloading via the internet. We can also divide speaker output into 4 separate zone outputs.

Fire Sprinkler Systems
The Systems Group installs and services fire sprinkler systems and the monitoring systems that integrate your fire sprinkler system with your fire alarm system.

  Fire Pumps
For high-rise properties, we service fire pumps by many manufacturers.

Total Fire Protection Systems Procurement
The Systems Group is your single source for comprehensive installation, repairs, service, and testing for your:

          Fire Alarm System

          Fire Sprinkler System

          Fire Hydrants


          Fire Extinguishers



Only one company to call.  And our prices are the lowest in Florida! 

Click Here to download a free schedule of NFPA 72 and 25 testing requirements.  This is the National Fire Alarm Code and National Fire Sprinkler Code which is in effect throughout Florida.



Security Alarm Systems Secure your business against crime and avoid becoming another statistic. We offer a wide range of sophisticated security products and services to protect you, your property, and your customers.




Audio Systems
We can design and install superior intercom, public address ("PA"), audiophile audio systems catered to your specific needs. From emergency call systems to home theater applications, The Systems Group offers state-of-the-art audio to fit your budget.



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